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Wholesale & Retail Opportunities

ArcLighter re-ignites a brand new opportunity in the lighter industry with new technology that is sure to turn heads every time you see it.


Introducing the ArcLighter Candle Lighter and the Impulse Pocket Lighter

Powered by ArcLighter Technology that replaces combustible fuel and flame lighters with a high-intensity electric arc that runs on rechargeable batteries. Offer your customers a choice of an extended handle design perfect for candles to the convenience of a mini pocket lighter design. Join us in re-igniting the lighter industry with the all new ArcLighter product line!

Get ready to Ignite your store!

When you're ready to add ArcLighter to your store's lineup, register on our Wholesale & Retail website to get all the details on ArcLighter products. It's time to ignite your store with ArcLighter today!


Ignite your own brand with ArcLighter Private Label

Take advantage of our international private label expertise to launch your own Private Label ArcLighter! We are your #1 source for complete turn-key manufacturing, marketing and branding services. Contact us today to discuss opportunities in your area.

Logo Printing • Custom Packaging • Charging Base • and more!